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Can COB Escort Reviews Make A Difference When Choosing A Companion?

18 November 2020

Can COB Escort Reviews Make A Difference When Choosing A Companion?

Hiring an escort, especially if it’s your first time, isn’t such an easy process. There are thousands of escorts to choose from, and with escort directories being available to the public, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the girls in this business.

Once you start browsing these escort directories, you’ll come across thousands of escort profiles just in the UK. With so many escorts to choose from, looking at the pictures alone won’t be enough to make a good decision.

Cum on body (COB), cum in mouth (CIM) and similar services are pretty specific, and they’re related to only the very finish of intercourse. Some women like it when they see a man’s load all over their face or body, while others can’t stand the feeling of being cummed all over. That’s why escort reviews are very important because that moment can make or break the entire experience.

Searching For Specific Services Instead Of Looks

Many people make the mistake of searching for an escort based on looks only. Of course, beauty and sex appeal are very important when choosing an escort, but to be fully satisfied, you need to find an escort who is offering the services you’re looking for.

When you use the advanced search options and start searching for escorts by specific services, you’ll get a list of escorts that could actually satisfy all your wildest fantasies. This is a much better way of searching for escorts because you won’t need to check out every single profile. You’ll surely come across escorts you’ll like but who just don’t offer the services you’re looking for.

Read The Reviews - They’re A Goldmine When It Comes To Information

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to only a couple of escorts, the best thing you could do is to look up their reviews. If you’re interested in the COB service, you should look for COB escort reviews and read the experience previous clients had.

Some escorts advertise a certain service even though they don’t enjoy it, or even like it at all. When it comes to services regarding the very finish of the date, some girls enjoy it, but there are some who are disgusted by it. The last thing you would want to experience is to see the escort you’re with getting disgusted during or at the end of your date. That’s such a mood-killer that you’d probably decline seeing her again even if it was for free!

Escort reviews are an amazing source of information. When you stumble upon a review about the escort you’re interested in, make sure you read it because you’ll probably find a lot more information about the escort than you would just by looking at her profile.

Sometimes the pictures aren’t up-to-date, but in most cases, you’ll get a clue what kind of person you’ll be dealing with if you read the reviews. If it’s your first time with an escort, you’ll want to hire an experienced girl who will have the patience to guide you through the entire process and who will be able to know what to do at any given moment.

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