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How I got round to Renting a Man

31 July 2017

"Rent a Man? Nope! I'll never be that girl" I said for the second time. My friend kept on laughing. Her glass of bourbon had already tumbled to the floor and the liquid was already snaking its way through the rug. I didn’t even know what to direct my annoyance to; the fact that she was laughing like she had really lost it or that she really was suggesting that I rent a man for the dinner party we had to attend on Saturday.

This dinner party was unavoidable for the both of us. Countless times, we had declined partying with people from work; each time with genuine excuses, but we could not avoid going for this one. I was cool with it anyway, and my friend who I shared a flat with was too. But I’m single and the last thing I want is to go to that dinner, dateless, after all the airs I've put up with the guys at the office who are convinced I'm probably dating someone definitely out of their league. I'd asked a couple of guys I know who work upstate and would play the part really well, but one declined, another has a date with his girlfriend on the same Saturday, and another said he'd do it only on the condition that we hook up after. What cheek! So, I explained my hopeless situation to my roommate and here she is, suggesting I rent a man for the event!

I'd actually come across these sorts of guys while surfing the Internet idly, but it had never crossed my mind to consider their services. As my friend laughed, I mulled over the idea. I actually had no other hope for a smashing date and those guys from work were going to know I didn’t even have a boyfriend. I couldn't have that. "So, how does this work?" I asked her. She was glad to run me through. "It’s really not bad at all. Most of these guys are really cool and there are no strings attached; they're all yours for the night and that’s all". Considering it further, I realized I was probably being a bit paranoid. These guys actually do this to help people like me. I should be grateful. I grimaced at the thought though.

My roomie picked up her iPad and typed in the Rent a Man web address. My eyes were wide opened and we sifted, page after page, through the pictures and profiles of several guys, all distinctly good looking, and judging from the descriptions accompanying their pictures, with great tastes too. My reservations were melting fast and I couldn't take my eyes off these men; not one was bad looking. My friend grinned and tickled me "hot guys will get you killed someday" she joked. I settled on one. His name was Francis and his profile read he was a lawyer by day and chef at night. He also loved travelling and his favourite movies were my favourite too. He had the widest smile I’d ever seen and I was already dying to meet him.

"So, Francis?" my friend asked and I nodded quickly. Fortunately he was available, so she tapped a button and I had to fill in a kind of form with a few details about what I expected of him; what time he should show up, whether he should be formally or causally dressed, what colours I would prefer he wore, what haircut I would like, If I would like him to hold my hand, and some other stuff. I was so enthralled. By then, all my doubts, reservations and misconceptions had melted.

Saturday night couldn't come soon enough and when it did, it was all I could do to keep myself from screaming. It cost a lot, but I happy to pay for the extra service of Francis coming to pick me up. I had sent him my phone number and my heart was actually beating when he called at exactly 6:45, the exact time he said he would. It was my roomie's turn to think I was being too extra. I told him the exact address and within minutes, he was knocking on the door. I opened and the smile I fell for on his employer’s website greeted me on opening. "Hi, Tee". He even used just the initial letter of my name. I let him kiss my hand and lead me to the car, where he opened the passenger door for me.

I had a great time that day, and Francis was such a gentleman, he didn't in any way violate the ethics of his trade by making any wrong moves. I'd like to Rent a Man again sometime.

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